Hooter's Bay Area Hockey team defeats the Rebellion two games in three days.

Posted by Johnny (jfortuna) on Mar 30 2010
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Hooter's Bay Area and the Rebellion played two games in three days, once Saturday March 27th beating The Rebellion 6-2 and once Monday March 29th again winning the game by the score of 7-3.

With only one game left in regular season play, 1st. Place Hooter's will be playing the Ice Pirates this coming Monday night April 5th at 11pm on Sharks Ice South Rink. 

Hooter's first playoff game will be Sunday, April 11th on Sharks Ice East Rink. C'mon on out and watch your Hooter's Bay Area Hockey team go for their first Championship in their first season together as the Hooter's Bay Area Hockey Team.   

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