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Great goal tending by both Marco Paz (HBA) and Phillip Linarte (Raccoons) kept the game very close. HBA's Sergio Castillo put them on the board at the 13:39 mark of the first period assisted by Justin Yu and Chris Adamian. With only 4:43 remaining in the first period Raccoons Nicholas DeSotel put one in assisted by Jeffrey Linhares. This ended the scoring for the first period with a tie game 1-1.

The second period remained scoreless until there was only 2:02 remaining when Raccoons Justin Tarantino scored with the assist by Derick Adriano giving them the 2-1 lead at the end of the second.

In the third period, HBA's defensive play tightened up which resulted in two unanswered goals, the first by HBA's Justin Yu with assist by Sergio Castillo and Ben Persson at the 15:07 mark. The Second by HBA's Andrew Brasil with assists from Ben Persson and Rick Beach giving HBA the 3-2 win. 

Hooter's next game is an early on Saturday, July 6th at Sharks Ice At San Jose on the South Rink again against the Raccoons. Puck drops at 2:15pm.

Foot Note: The game had several penalties called against both teams that were boarder line and made several non-calls which happened right in front of both refs. We all understand that "Hockey  is Hockey" and unfortunate things happen, however, when an obvious penalty takes place in front of not one but two referees, it is absured that neither call the penalty.

Case in point,  Late in the first period, HBA's Eric Gruba received an High Stick to the mouth causing him to fall to the ice with blood "Spewing" from his mouth and on to the ice and play continued with Gruba picking himself up off the ice approximately 20 seconds after the fact and skate to the bench and realizing that his two lower middle teeth had been pushed back into his mouth and appeared to be barley attached. There was a whistle and play was stopped for a face off after 2 minutes. Gruba was then able to get off the bench even after the refs had been made aware of his injury during play.

At the end of the game, both Refs were asked why the High Sticking penalty was not called, one responded "It was an irregular High Stick" the other flat stated he did not see it, which was unlikey since they both were looking towards Gruba when it happened. The question I guess is that it is still unclear what is the difference between an IRREGULAR HIGH STICKING penalty and a NON IRREGULAR HIGH STICKING PENALTY. USA Hockey doesn't even have anything regarding IRREGULAR HIGH STICKING!!! High Sticking is High sticking one can be with an injury the other without!!

In checking in the USA Hockey Rule, nothing is mentioned about an Irregular High Stick Penalty. High Sticking is High Sticking one penalty can be called without an injury the other with an injury.

High-Sticking Definition – Carrying the stick above normal shoulder-height. If the violation results in an injury to an opponent, a major penalty should be assessed.
Rule 617(a) & (b) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“(a) The carrying of sticks above the normal height of the shoulder is prohibited. The Referee may assess a minor or a major penalty on any player violating this rule.
 “(b) A major plus a game misconduct penalty shall be imposed on any player who injures an opponent by the use of a high stick.”
The Double-Minor penalty is not a penalty option for an isolated high-sticking infraction. He may only assess a Minor, Major, or Major plus Game Misconduct.
Enough said.

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