Hooter's Lose in OT to The Chiefs....

Posted by Johnny (jfortuna) on Aug 29 2010
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Hooter's Bay Area hockey team lost a tough game to the Chiefs 4-3 in overtime tonight at Sharks Ice San Jose. This game had it all by both teams, great shots, great goal tending and great defensive plays.

Congragulations to the Chiefs and good luck for the rest of the playoffs. Thanks for everyone that came out to watch us this season. Our Winter season starts in a little over 2 weeks. Come on out and watch !

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You guys are a great team By Unknown on Aug 30 2010 at 2:01 PM
HBA, you guys are a great team. Your speed, physical play, and great passing are always a challenge for us, the Chiefs. I want to formally apologize here on your website for what I said after the game. I value good sportsmanship highly, and I clearly was not a good sportsman on Sunday. I am ashamed of myself for letting my emotions get the best of me and hope you guys will forgive me for that.

Good luck next season.

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